Final Report

Report and Appendices

Minnesota, like many states around the U.S., is exploring usage-based funding alternatives like distance-based fees (DBF) to replace declining motor fuel tax revenues. Road use fees, if implemented in the future, may at least partially help to address funding challenges by ensuring vehicles pay for roads based on actual travel, not fuel consumption. The findings and observations of this multi-year project are documented in a final report.

Final Report: Minnesota Distance-Based Fees Project (2022)


Appendix A: Concept of Operations

Appendix B: Proof of Concept Test Procedures

Appendix C: Business and Systems Requirements Document

Appendix D: Interface Control Specifications Document

Appendix E: Test Plan

Appendix F: Test Results Memorandum

Appendix G: Proof of Concept Report

Appendix H: Fuel Tax Credit Assessment Options Memorandum